Miracle pills

I really hate those ads for ‘new’ products that have some rare ingredient, or that it’s a secret of some people from little known country… Eg. Some study has found that women form some unknown tribe in Magadascar, do not put on weight. This has intrigued some investigator, who has found that their staple diet consists of a large quantity of some fruit that only grows in that region. And it has been found that an active ingredient is such-and-such and it has miraculous effects on metabolism. Blah, blah, blah. And here comes the punchline: you can only get this from this website and for a limited time only at a never-to-be-reapeated super-low, introductory price of … Ever seen ads like this? Plenty, I bet, so I do not need to bring any examples here.

They rely on human nature that makes people want the cake and eat it too. And then pop a magic pill to blast all the cellulite from their thighs.

First they’ll tell you that it’s not you but your metabolism, hormones, genes or whatever. Notice how this distracts the focus from you to something beyound your control. Which is not true – you have control overyour body, but sometimes you need to be made aware of this. A long time ago, someone said that: “Nothing is obtained simply by wanting. And nothing is achieved by relinquishing responsibility to a higher power.” So true. If you remember this, then you’ll see right through the ad (con) and realise that only you are responsible for your health and shape. And who controls your metabolism, hormones or genes? You. I’ll get onto that in a later blog.

Now back to the ads. After they convince you that it’s something else’s fault, they’ll offer you a solution which in most cases is some exotic, rare ingredient, quoting some unknown study. The whole presentation is very well presented and the arguments flow logically, making you agree with everything they say, which of course was the point all along. Please note that the study may not have been done by a reputable institution and the benefits quoted by the ad would be very difficult to verify by an average person due to the compund being so rare. So, in other words there is no proof of the claims but the whole selling point depends on the old and tried method of getting the audience to agree. Like NLP or hypnosis. They may also take a swipe at pharmaceutical and supplement companies how they all conspire to keep this secret or some other conspiracy theory. However, the one saying all this is not part of a solution but is doing exactly the same. They just want to look like good guys.

If all that does not grab you, then there is real proof in before-and-after photos. Such a marked improvement. You have to believe it, right? Wrong. Recently a guy has exposed the making of these photos on youtube. He did all the photos in 5 hours. He was fit and well built to start off with. First, he pumped up in the gym, then sprayed himself with cooking oil for extra effect and took photos. These are the after-photos. Then he ate some junk food, coke and milk shakes. He must have been lactose intolerant because his stomach has bloated up and he looked generally puffy. He washed all the cooking oil, fake tan and whatever other make up tricks he used for the after-photos. Then he took the photos of himself and these were the before-photos. So there you have it, pictures don’t lie.

In most cases you do not need that ingredient and it would not benefit you anyway. As Wallace D. Wattles argues in his classic book “The Science of Being Well”, you do not need all the exotic foods as your genes, for generations, have been used to eating foods that grow in the area where you and your ancestors lived. And that food is most beneficial to you. So don’t waste your money on some exotic snake oil as all you need to be well is right under your nose.


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  1. wartica says:

    I totally agree ; these companies do a fabulous job on making you feel like the pills are truly life changing;(

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