My body is a temple

Here’s something inspirational for a change.

I am not a follower of any religion and this is not a religious post. However, I like to examine various concepts from different sources and evaluate their usefulness. This concept, I believe, can help with staying in shape. It helps maintain the fit attitude.

Because my body is a temple, I will not abuse it. Sure, I like occassional junk food, drink or a smoke, but that does not mean that I will do it every day. I wan to enjoy life too and can’t deny myself everything. Also, I belive that in order to form my own opinion about something, I really need to experience it. Otherwise, I would have to accept someone else’s view. Although, sometimes it is useful to learn from other people’s mistakes, like drug addicts, for example. In the end it comes down to choice and I will choose the right thing for my body.

Because my body is a temple, I will not treat my stomach as a rubbish bin. Eating junk food everyday is like putting rubbish into your stomach. Taking drugs is also rubbishing the body. So is smoking. I only want to put things in it that enrich me and make my body healthy. I choose an apple over a lolly. I choose sushi over fish’n’chips. I choose a smoothie over an ice-cream. I choose water over coke…

Because my body is a temple, I keep it tuned. The body has to serve me till the day I die, and I want to stay independent right till the very end. Therefore, I love physical activity. I enjoy working out. I love to play badminton – during a game I don’t even notice that I am exercising. I love to take my son for a swim on the beach. I love to go for a bike ride…

If you are religious, then this post should serve as a reminder of the concept and hopefully will inspire you to stay in shape. There is also another useful concept borrowed from religion – we are made in the creator’s image. So how do you imagine the creator to look like? A Superman or Homer Simpson?

These are just a few examples how to develop that in-shape attitude. I’m sure that up you can come up with many more.


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Passionate about keeping in shape body, mind and spirit. Can help you achieve that dream body.
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One Response to My body is a temple

  1. Silvia says:

    I really enjoyed this one. It resonates with what I think and feel right now as I take the path of body detoxification. It’s amazing how it is altering the way I view foods that previously I wouldn’t think twice about throwing down my throat.

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