You’re never too old

It’s Monday morning and I’m coming to the office. I park a couple of blocks away and get my bag from the back of the car. Oh, what’s this? There’s my son’s skateboard still in the car from the weekend. I think “Cool! I’ll get there quicker”. So I jump on it and cut the walking time in half. And get some leg workout at the same time.

I’m in the office working away and drinking coffee when a few minutes later my friend walks in.

“What’s this?” he asks upon seeing the wooden vehicle.

“It’s a skateboard.” I answer dumbly.

“I can see that!” he exclaims, “but you’re not fifteen! You can break bones on it!”

And that’s the problem. People have the mentality that you have to act your age. However, that’s what is aging them faster. It’s like a vicious circle – you won’t do the things you enjoyed as a teenager because you’re too old, and you’re too old because you never let your hair down.

When was the last time you played ball, caught a wave, skated or went for a bike ride? Do you remember the feeling of rushing wind through your hair, or a cold water spray in your face, or that goal you kicked?

Exercise aside there is a tremendous lot of benefits from enjoying some exhilarating activities. From mental point of view, it takes you back in time when you were “young”. But from physical point of view, your brain releases some very beneficial hormones. Remember that every feeling has a corresponding chemical reaction in your body and the brain is the largest chemical factory. Endorphins would be the best known and they have the effect of pain and stress relief. We all know about the negative effects of stress so I don’t need to talk about it here.

So, go on, play with the kids, catch a wave, ride a skateboard or even organise a social game with like-minded peers. Just do it sensibly and know your limits.

And always remember that you’re only as old as you think.


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Passionate about keeping in shape body, mind and spirit. Can help you achieve that dream body.
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