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What you don’t eat is keeping you fat

Guess what – it’s fat! That’s right, if you limit fat from your diet chances are you are struggling with weight issues. Every person I talk to who wants to lose weight is avoiding fat from the diet. For most … Continue reading

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You are not your body (or your body is not really yours)

No, I am not suggesting that you are a zombie. But take another look. Your body is a bunch of cells (a few trillion) grouped into what we call organs. Each group has a different function. Liver cells perform different … Continue reading

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Question: What do Atkins and Japanese diets have in common?

Here, I am talking about the traditional Japanese diet, not the modern one. You know, lots of rice, veggies and little fish. In other words, mostly carbohydrates. And traditionally, obesity was unknown in Japan. In contrast to this, the Atkins … Continue reading

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