Best diet books

There’s tons of them. And to make things worse, they all preach a different approach. I’ve already written about them in one of my previous posts. I’ve read my share of them. However, there are 2 that really stand out from the rest. One of them is Barry Sears’ “The Zone” and the other is Peter J. D’Adamo’s “Eat right for your type”.

Dr Sears talks about the importance of fats in our diet and argues that most of the diseases are caused by inflammation that can be prevented by having optimal hormone production in the body. This can be achieved through diet, hence the title The Zone – when you have optimal diet you are in the hormonal zone, so to speak, and everything in the body works as designed.

To achieve the zone, he advised to have each meal composed of the following formula: 30% of calories from protein, 40% from carbohydrates and 30% from fat. Also, you should space the meals 4 hours apart as this is how long the short lived hormones – eicosanoids  work. However, in the new edition of the book he gives somewhat different formula – much less fat. Not sure why…

Dr D’Adamo takes a different approach to health. He realises that we are different and his research has identified optimal diets for each blood group. The whole idea is based on lectins – proteins in food that bind carbohydrates together. The markers on red blood cells identifying each group are a type of complex sugars – carbohydrates. So, certain lectins can have the effect of clumping red blood cells together. This can lead in extreme case to strokes, but most often lectins affect us in terms of inflammation, allergies, colitis, arthritis, obesity and impaired immune system.

He provides extensive lists of foods beneficial and harmful for each blood group (0, A, B and AB) as well as sub-groups (+ or -). Families where members have all different blood groups may struggle with this, however, it’s not impossible as some foods overlap across the blood groups.

Best of all, the views from these two books are not mutually exclusive. This means that you can eat according to the Zone as well as your blood type. I have followed this method for the past 12 years or so and have to say that it works. I got rid of most of my allergy symptoms by avoiding the foods that are not beneficial for my blood type and, being over 40, have BMI of 23 with muscular build and minimal amounts of fat. I recommend these 2 books to anyone who is interested in diet and health.


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