A job forever

Looking at the statistics, you can see that on average 50% of the population do exercise regularly, however, about a third is obese. This article does not mention overweight rates, but you can imagine it would be around 60%. Also, diabetes runs in about 10-12% rates but these would only be the reported/diagnosed cases. The true figures would be much higher.

Now, the fitness industry professionals would like you to believe that the answer to this problem is exercise. There’s a lot of money riding on the presumption that people need exercise, and lots of it, just to stay fit and healthy.

While staying in shape I tend observe a lot of people in the industry – personal trainers, coaches, fitness instructors, PE teachers etc. Most of them are not really in shape. Sure, some younger ones look great, but at their age it’s easy. All this HGH and testosterone in their blood lets them get away with eating mackers every day while doing half an hour a day of exercise and keeping that six-pack.

However, once the personal trainers hit thirties, it’s a different story. The body does not produce as much HGH, testosterone and other hormones.  I see a lot in this age group that are big – huge shoulders, massive arms, barrel chested… and unfortunately a spare tyre that could fit a truck. It kind of spoils it all. And here they are advising you how to lose weight. Somehow they don’t practice what they preach.

Would you take advice from someone like that seriously? Well, they do have certification so they know what to do… Wrong. It’s like learning to fly from a book. Would you trust a “pilot” who learned the theory but has no practice?

But they just repeat what they have learned from the certification course – no pain no gain. You need hours of cardio, spin, pump, zumba, whatever the latest trend. We have all heard this before. They train the unsuspecting victims hard. I’ve seen some quit after just 5 minutes into their session. Imagine how bad that can be for the poor beginner’s self-esteem. They may lose all hope, thinking it’s not for them.

It’s all wrong, you do not need hours of exercise. 20 to 30 minutes a day is enough. When you start out, 3 times a week, later on you can increase to 5. It’s quality not quantity that counts. What is more important is the diet. I have blogged about it in my previous posts, so I will not repeat it here. However, the personal trainers will not tell you much about it. Just the usual crap that you need to cut out even more fat from your diet, even though you eat a milligram of fat a day. This is what I call job protection (LOL).


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