The case against fruit juice

As a child my mum used to make a lot of juices. Apple, carrot, orange etc. I used to drink them very often. Even up to recently I used to have a glass of freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juice. A common assumption is that juice is healthy.

Ok, the commercial stuff is not. Most of it is reconstituted from powder with sugar, flavors and preservatives. But surely a freshly squeezed glass of juice is not just delicious but also good for you. All these vitamins concentrated in one glass. It’s natural…

Unfortunately, it’s not just vitamins that are concentrated. When juicing, you are concentrating fructose. I have already blogged about dangers of fructose. The process of juicing is not how nature intended the fruit to be consumed. Juicing makes it much more highly glycemic and raises the insulin levels which can lead to obesity or diabetes.

The fruit sugars (mainly fructose, but others as well) are encapsulated inside the pulp (fibre). When eaten they end up going through the digestive track like in a slow-release capsule. The mechanical process of juicing exposes the sugars and drinking the juice makes them rush straight into the bloodstream.

The same is true for carrot juice. Carrots have a low glycemic load but are high on the glycemic index. This is because they contain a lot of sugars and a lot of fibre. Just pay attention to how a carrot tastes and then how carrot juice tastes. Juice is much sweeter.

These days I don’t buy juice. To me there’s not much difference from drinking Coke. It just gives people an illusion of drinking something healthy. I don’t make any fresh juice either. I just eat the fruit fresh. This way I get the vitamins, fibre, minerals and co-factors like nature intended.


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