This makes me angry

There are many so-called experts who give misleading advice. It’s subtle and hidden. In the context of the whole article it may be very hard to spot. However, it’s just plain wrong. No, I am not picking on some small, insignificant error. I am picking on something that is easily accepted as true but its implications are right down dangerous to your health.

This article from a popular health site and having famous sportsperson endorsing it, while overall technically correct, has one huge hole in it. Second paragraph down, states that your body digests fructose and converts it to glucose. This is the most uneducated statement I have seen! It is just plain wrong and I don’t know how Lance Armstrong can live with himself to be associated with such rubbish.

Fructose and glucose have different chemical structures. I’m not going to bore you with all the details since I have blogged about it before. However, because of these differing chemical structures, the body does not process fructose. While glucose is used by every cell in the body as energy, fructose goes straight into the liver. It gets converted there into triglycerides that contribute to fatty liver, obesity, diabetes and cholesterol.

So the point is that fructose, while natural, is not beneficial at all. And unfortunately, it can’t be easily used by the body as fuel. It’s true, though, that eating fruit is healthy. But only in the form that nature intended – the whole fruit. Fresh is always best.

Here’s another example of a blatant lie. It says that fructose is a simple sugar that is metabolized quickly and easily by the body. I can find hundreds more examples like these. Not sure if all this misinformation is deliberate or just ignorant. Regardless of the intentions, if it is repeated many times by many “experts” it becomes believable and ultimately accepted as true. But the consequences of all these lies and half-truths are staggering. Obesity is rising at a never-before seen rate. And it goes hand-in-hand with diabetes. Just imagine the load on our already stressed health system. This is a ticking time-bomb!

Just above the heading of this article is a caption that says “It is ok to eat plenty of fruit and not worry about fructose”. Why am I picking on this? Because taken out of context it is dangerous. I can agree with the first part of it, but what happens more often than not, is that the second part will make people complacent about fructose. Next time they see food adulterated with fructose or High Fructose Corn Syrup, they will just accept is natural and therefore ok to eat.

Let me stress this point again – fructose is not ok to eat and in fact dangerous to health. I have started boycotting food products with added fructose. It is time to let the food companies know that we do not want our food to make us sick. Also, it is time to educate ourselves and stop accepting “expert’s” advice as always correct. All advice needs to be dissected and looked at through a magnifying glass because the devil’s in the detail. And because most of the information presented is correct, we tend to agree with it more often and tend to agree easier with the incorrect part.


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