In a nutshell…

Here are my key findings:

Increasing the lung capacity is the main factor affecting longevity and health. You can survive 4 weeks without food, 4 days without water but only 4 minutes without oxygen! So focus on this first and foremost.

Forget cardio, long sessions on a treadmill do nothing except making your body more efficient at storing the energy. Instead do short explosive bursts followed by rest until you catch your breath and your heart comes back resting rate or a bit above (150%). Do about 6 sets per session and 2 sessions a week. Sprinting is the most obvious here, but you can do this type of exercise while swimming, bike riding, jumping, squatting etc. Use your imagination so that you won’t get bored. This way you develop lung capacity and your metabolic rate stays higher for longer.

As we age we tend to lose some fibers and the usual way to keep muscle size is to bulk them up with resistance training. It’s a losing battle and, at best, we can maintain the size. An added benefit of explosive training like sprinting, is that your muscle fibers can split longitudinally in two. This is one way to cheat nature and look younger longer.

Weigh training is good for the bones as well as muscles. Incorporate some resistance training into your routine. About 3 times a week or more.

Saturated fat is not the bad guy, it’s the trans-fats that are bad (to be exact, the man-made, partially hydrogenated fatty acid chains). This goes back to the way your grandma cooked; butter, lard, bacon etc. All the modern highly processed plant oils and shortenings contain man-made trans-fats. Extra virgin olive, hemp and coconut oils would be the exception.

Avoid fructose (but not necessarily fruit), this includes sucrose (table sugar). You can substitute sugar with Xylitol. It’s as natural as sucrose and tastes the same, but with low GI and good for the teeth since bacteria do not like it. I find that while using  Xylitol with my coffee, my cravings for sugar have disappeared. If you find that it does not taste as good as sugar, or that you still  crave it, then you’re most likely heavily addicted to sugar.

I define addiction as a habitual chemical (hormonal) response to a substance producing some feeling that the body craves. Take tobacco for example. When first tasted, it is awful. After years of addiction the smokes taste good. The taste has not changed but the perception clouded by the changed chemistry in the body. It is the same with sugar. Go cold turkey for a few days and you’ll break the addiction. Xylitol will help fool the taste buds along with many other benefits.


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