Sushi – the new junk-food

Ok, ok, maybe junk-food is too strong a word, but fast-food for sure.

The popularity of sushi in the western society has been rising steadily for the past few years. While being Japanese in origin, most of the food outlets serving sushi are run by other, non-Japanese people. They must have figured out that you can serve rice with fish without even cooking it first and still charge more money. Wow! That’s a great business model!

Of course there are many different variations of sushi and not all contain raw fish. Most of the westerners still prefer cooked food hence they munch on teriyaki chicken wrapped in rice and seaweed thinking they have a healthy diet.

So what constitutes fast-food? One definition is a food that is fast to cook and fast to eat. This type of food is usually devoid of one important ingredient – fibre. Fibre is what makes the food longer to cook and of course longer to eat since you have to chew it more thoroughly. Sushi fits this definition perfectly. It’s also convenient to eat on the go as you can hold the roll in one hand and still drive with the other…

But surely it’s a lot healthier than mackers? Agreed, at least it does not contain any trans fats. In fact, sushi does not contain any fats apart from the minute amounts in fish and avocado, provided you actually choose this type of sushi. And that’s where the other problem lies. Sushi is mostly carbohydrate. Rice is so much cheaper than tuna or salmon and hence constitutes most of the meal. I don’t think I need to stress the importance of (good) fat in the diet. If you follow my blog you will already know.

To make matters worse, some sushi outlets have been known to add sugar to rice making it more appealing to children. Hey, what works for McDonalds works for them too.

I admit, I still like sushi but lately eat less of it and try to get some with brown rice instead of white. Heck, I even pay extra for it even though it requires less processing and should be cheaper. Where’s the logic in that?

Oh, and yes, if I can, I’ll put some butter on it, too. 🙂


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