The importance of good quality protein (and fat)

We all eat junk food every now and then. It’s ok, as long as it is only every now and then. But we also need to take a harder look at the food we eat every day.

Protein is what builds your muscles. Once your muscle cells develop they stay there for up to a year before they get replaced with new cells. If the building material is some second-rate protein, then that’s what’s going to stay in your muscles for the time period. Crappy building material means less strength and more chance of injury. Just see what happens when a builder builds a house with cheap and defective material.

So what is a good protein? Meat, fish and chicken, egg whites score pretty well. Whey protein, as supplement, is even better. However, there is one problem with most of the commercial stuff.

Whey protein is derived from milk, but it is very difficult to make it pure because it is tightly bonded to lactose. Most of the whey protein supplements are full of lactose. They will not fill up your muscles but only fill your guts with crap. You’ll end up bloated and spend more time in the toilet then in the gym. You can get relatively pure whey protein – it’s probably the smallest and most expensive jar on the shelf. In the end you get what you pay for.

Unfortunately, plant derived protein does not compare with whey protein. Not even with eggs or meat. You’d have to eat a ton of tofu to get the same amount of lean protein as from a dozen eggs. Furthermore, tofu contains estrogen and so will the supplement derived from soya. This is bad news for men and women alike. It is also highly allergenic. 

Beans have similar amount of protein as soya. They also have fibre and complex carbohydrates that may have an unwelcome effect after eating. Eat only if you work out by yourself 🙂

Fungi are ok. They contain a fair amount of protein and are quite healthy in other ways. Except the ones with red heads and white spots…

Let’s move on to fats. Humans need fat in their diet. Fatty acids are utilised by cells in making the cell membranes. Trans fats (partially hydrogenated) need to be avoided at all cost. Man-made trans fats are designed to not go rancid, in other words, they do not let oxygen affect them. If your cell membranes are built from this stuff then it is much harder for oxygen to enter the cell therefore impairing energy production (calorie burning). And this stuff is staying in your body for a long time.

I have already covered what are good fats in an earlier post so I won’t be repeating myself here. Let’s talk about carbohydrates. We know that there are good ones and bad ones. However, as carbs are mainly used as fuel and not bulding blocks, you don’t need to fret so much about the quality. They’ll just get burnt quickly. The only problem with eating bad carbs (highly glycemic ones) is that over time it may lead to obesity and diabetes.

So there you have it – eat well, live well. And, stay in shape 🙂

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