Idiot’s guide to butter

No, not you, oh reader!
It’s me! Yes, they’ve called me an idiot for eating butter while they all ate margarine or some other spreads.

This is my personal account of the infatuation with butter.

They said that I would be fat. However, I have an athletic build with minimal amounts of body fat and with BMI of about 23. And all this after many years of eating butter and avoiding margarine. All the while their weight and BMI have been skyrocketing for the past few decades.

Next, they totally freaked out when they saw the amount of butter I would put into my sandwiches. An example of comments I was getting: “healthy on the outside but all sick on the inside (of my arteries)”. But guess what? Again, while my cholesterol is perfectly normal theirs is going ballistic.

Then they would claim that I must be doing soooo much exercise that I burn it all off. Like running to and from work every day and spending all my free time in the gym. To be honest, not really. Half an hour a day of weights and one hour a week of badminton, that’s all. My job has been in front of a computer for the past 18 years. This was not a good explanation for them, so they they would attribute this to my lucky genes… Oh boy, I guess there’s just no use arguing. Some people just won’t see even though their eyes are wide open.

Butter is basically fat from the milk. It is 80% fat and 20% water and the fat is moslty saturated. Yes, I have been consuming it in large quantities in preference to the unsaturated and poly-unsaturated plant based fats and oils. Why would I do that?

First of all is the taste. You just can’t beat it with the plastic-tasting margarine. Have you ever seen any of the celebrity chefs using margarine? No, they all use butter. Margarine would spoil the taste, simple as that.

Second, whoever said that saturated fat is bad? It contains more omega-3 fatty acids than unsaturated (plant based) fats. Furthermore, most of the cholesterol inside the body is manufactured by the liver and has not entered directly from food. Fructose, which is not used directly by the body, is changed in the liver into triglycerides and than convereted into fat and cholesterol. So don’t blame the butter if you drink 2 litres of Coke every day πŸ™‚

Third, it’s the trans-fats. While butter contains some naturally occurring fully hydrogenated fatty acids, it’s the man-made partially hydrogenated ones in margarine that are doing the damage. As they do not occur in nature, bodies do not know what to do with them and usually store them if they cannot eliminate them. Apart from other damage, they also contribute to the cholesterol epidemic.

So there you have it. Butter is just too good not to use it. I love it so much that eat it even though I am lactose intolerant. Luckily for me, there’s not much lactose in butter.

Oh, I almost forgot. There’s one thing that butter is not so good for. It’s frying. Because of the 20% water content and some milk solids, food tends to burn a bit. To bypass this problem I use ghee – it’s pure butterfat and stir frying or shallow frying never tasted better πŸ™‚


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