Why is saturated fat bad?

Science sometimes is useful and sometimes it’s downright confusing. When it comes to fat and diet, it is certainly not helpful. Fat is being analysed, categorised, differentiated and transformed into other staff all the time. Research has and is being done every day. And saturated fat has received a lot of bad press lately.

But is eating saturated fat really bad for you? Let me a try to debunk this without relying much on science 🙂

Saturated fat is only bad when there’s too much of it inside the body, or when it is manufactured by our bodies unnecessarily.

Fat stored in our bodies is saturated fat. Because structurally or chemically it looks similar to other animal (saturated) fat, it has been associated with the animal fat in our diet. After all, it looks the same so it must be bad to eat. If you eat it you’ll get more of it on your body. So the thinking goes.

Is the saturated fat from the diet contributing to the fat stored in the human body? I have been unable to find any conclusive proof of that. What I want to see as a conclusive proof is a fat molecule from a diet that has been somehow marked. Then I would like to see the same fat molecule, in an unchanged format, found in the body. Unfortunately, science has been unable to provide me with that kind of proof.

The only common thing between the two is that both are animal fats. A human is after all some kind of animal… A mammal, to be exact.

Logically then, why are cows getting fat? They do not eat saturated fat. Where does the fat on the steak come from? Where does lard come from? What about drippings? And my favorite, butter?

The cow has made it eating grass and feed. One thing to note is that cattle gets fatter the more grain they have in the diet. So there goes the theory that eating fat is contributing to obesity.

But cows are genetically different from human, you may say, and therefore this example is flawed. Ok, then, I have seem many people on vegan or vegetarian diets that are not skinny and I think statistics confirm my observation. My own experience of following a vegetarian diet for 3 years has been the opposite. But then again I still ate a lot of saturated fat, mostly coconut oil, and was subjecting myself to constant jokes and laughs from my scientific friends. In the end, they got fatter and I got slimmer.

From my experience, logically, and from the lack of (real) scientific proof, I can conclude that eating saturated fat does not contribute to me being fat.


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