Problem with supplements

Yes, I have a big problem with all the supplements.

No, it’s not that some contain lactose and it affects my stomach. And, no it’s not the inferior quality from some shady manufacturer in China or even America.

It’s the fact that it is almost impossible to verify all the claims on the packet. Claims like: It’s going to increase your muscle size tenfold!, or, If it were any stronger it would be illegal!, and so on.

No, the improvements (if any) are so subtle and take anywhere from a few weeks to years of taking the supplements that there is no way to attribute any change purely to the particular supplement. There are so many other factors that can influence the change; diet, exercise, stress levels, etc.

And another thing, most of the stuff being touted as good for you has had very humble beginnings. Like being an industrial waste. Then some smart executive had a bright idea to clean it up a bit, brand it, and convince the masses of the incredible health benefits. This is the case with whey protein. It started as a waste product from cheese making.

Others are basically cheap common product repackaged and marked up tenfold. I was shopping the other day and spotted “AKTA-VITE” on the supermarket shelf. A kilogram of this rubbish would cost $14.30. It is being marketed to families and especially new mothers and mothers-to-be. Being curious I looked at the ingredients. It says: cocoa (17%), sugar, and then all the vitamins and minerals follow. Notice how some sneaky marketing guru has spelled out the whopping content percentage of cocoa but not sugar. So I looked at the energy content of the product. Sugar, as part of carbohydrates, was 62.9 g per 100 grams!

Wow! You mix sugar with a little bit of cocoa and some minimal amounts of vitamins and this gives you a license to sell it at ten times the usual price. Now that’s what I call business. Using the proportion of weight of sugar in this can, it comes out at over $9 per kilo. That’s some very expensive sugar… Lets feed our families with this and make sure that the pharmaceutical companies will profit later from selling diabetes drugs.

These are just 2 examples for now but there are many more to come in my future posts.

I was going to end this post saying that it’s just like horoscope – some people swear by the supplements while others think it a load of crap. However, this is much more than that. It’s a pure rip-off and it will make you sick.

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