istayinshape as a matter of choice

Merry Christmas everyone! There is something I want to mention during this festive season.

I want to recall a couple of people I’ve met recently that are perfect examples of what I am talking about.

First one, let’s call him Jim (not his real name) is about 50 years old and looks fit even though he eats a lot of junk food and drinks a lot of soft drinks loaded with sugar. He has just gone through a painful procedure to zap his kidney stones. Not the first time, I have to mention. When I hinted that all this soda and bad diet is contributing to his misery, he agreed with me but hten he just reached for a can of coke saying that he was advised to get his fluid intake up and he can’t drink just water. No taste…

Well, the other man, let’s call him Pat, is a bit older, at about 65, with diabetes, heart problems (2 by-pass surgeries), nearly total blindness in one eye and a myriad of other issues. I saw him scoffing down McDonalds food followed by chocolate bars and later in the day, drinking beer. Not the best diet for a diabetic. When I asked why does he do it to himself, his answer was: “I’ve gotta live!”. Well, let’s just say his definition of living differs from mine.

When it comes to eating, many people will choose instant gratification over long term health and fitness. It’s ok to have a chocolate or coke every now and then, even McDonalds, but when it’s affecting one’s life, there’s a choice to be made. Either continue and pay for it later, or stop and think about the consequences.


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Passionate about keeping in shape body, mind and spirit. Can help you achieve that dream body.
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