Changed my mind again…

You just can’t win. One day it’s good for you, then bad, then good again…

I’m talking about coffee. Yes, I like it and I drink a lot of the brown sludge (actually, just having one while writing this post) as you probably know from my other posts. But what really gets me is that there are so many conflicting studies.

Here’s an example of a study that’s saying coffee (or too much of it) is bad. And here’s an article saying that caffeine is more toxic than drugs. Just makes you want to give up. And now there’s this – saying that drinking coffee can give you a long and happy life.

I guess, you can’t just take any of this at face value. First of all, for any study proving something, there will be another one disproving it. And secondly, there is no mention in any of these articles how was the coffee made or consumed. Was it black or with milk, with sugar or some other sweeteners? These things will affect the results, and not too many people will drink black coffee.

The same will apply to any article you read about some beneficial aspect of some food. You just have to do your own research and make up your own mind. There are some questions you may ask and see if you can answer them from the article itself or its source. Like, “Who sponsored this particular study?”, or, “Who will benefit the most if people accept the views that are presented?”. Otherwise you’ll be flipping back and forth just like me with the coffee 🙂

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