How to stay healthy

Although it starts like a conspiracy, with disastrous results, it shows how to avoid most drugs by following simple diet/lifestyle guidelines. Just go to the bottom of the article. There are 8 simple, common-sense points that anyone can incorporate into their life in order to stay healthy.

Dr Mercola, who published this article, is a leading health innovator as well as best-selling author. He’s trained in both traditional and natural medicine. What I like about him, is that he’s asking the most important question when it comes to any cure or treatment – that is: what is the motivation behind it?

Because, let’s face it, most of the drugs on the market, as well as therapies, do nothing for the patient (at best) but put a lot of money into the pushers’ pockets. Beta-blockers (according to his reasearch) have killed a lot of people. That’s probably an ugly example of profit over benefit. Sadly, it’s not the only one.


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