Chips time :)

I have just bought some ghee and about to make some home-made chips.

GheeYeah, chips taste better fried in saturated fats like ghee. But it’s not just that. After about 40 years of drumming into the unsuspecting public the dangers of cholesterol and saturated fat, the latest findings are that it is not so clear. In fact, there is no proven link between heart disease and saturated fat.

Sweden has done one better, as it is the first western nation to ditch the low fat dietary advice in favour of low-carb, high-fat and protein diet. Kind of like what people used to eat before industralisation and wide-spread farming…

I see all this as a step in the right direction, although, it will probably take a whole generation to undo the damage done by 40 years of “brainwashing”. It is a fact that in the last 30 years, Americans have lowered their consumption of fat by 10% but the obesity rate has doubled! This is scary – only 10% less fat but such a huge impact. (To be fair, I’m sure there are other factors affecting this statistic, like less exercise and more sedentary lifestyle.)

Personally, I’ve never been swayed either by the low-fat or calorie counting fads. In the past 10-15 years, I would actually add extra fat to my meals, like butter, coconut or olive oil. The effect on my body was that I’ve struggled to put the weight on, and my total cholesterol would be about 4.5 mmol/L. But then again, my genes must be different 🙂


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