Vitamins and Supplements – the ultimate conspiracy theory

Well, yes, it is only my theory, and a fairly convoluted one at that. But hear me out – it ticks all the boxes from a marketing perspective.

What if the complimentary medicine products are manufactured by the same pharmaceutical companies that make allopathic medicine drugs? Why would they do this? Isn’t it against what all the evidence based medicine stands for?

Yes, it is, and that is the whole point if you are trying to maximise the profits. Let me explain.

Let’s say that a large percentage of the population believes that modern medicines are the only way to get better if you’re sick. But there is always a small percentage of people that will have other beliefs.

So how do you convince that small part of population to your side? You don’t – you give them what they think they want. You offer them another product that stands against the mainstream one. You also stir up enough controversy in the media to make this minority even more convinced that they are correct. By not letting the industry’s foot soldiers (doctors) in on the secret, they will actually do this part for you and denounce supplements at any opportunity. The minority will think that the mainstream industry is conspiring against people by trying to deny them the healing power of vitamins and supplements.

Have you noticed how much advertising pops up these days for some “weird fruit/spice/extract that destroys cancer/diabetes/melts fat” etc? They all have a common theme that puts pressure on consumers to buy now before authorities shut them down. One example is shown here.

So, in an nutshell, you have just turned all of the population into your clients. But wait, there’s more! There are always people that will double-dip thinking that they will gain extra benefits by taking both at the same time. And now you are getting more than 100% of possible profits as the sum of the products is more than the whole – bloody brilliant marketing!

By the way, nutritional supplements industry is shaping up as one of the fastest growing industries and projected to hit $60 bil globally by 2021.

On that note, I think I will start applying for Marketing Strategist positions with some large companies 🙂

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