If A causes B, and B causes C, then…

It would be logical to take A and thoroughly investigate it since it looks like a culprit. But that is not what is happening in the scientific world. Take for example this latest news article linking obesity to Alzheimer’s.

The article is based on a study showing the links between obesity and how it affects brain’s cognitive function, specifically targeting Alzheimer’s disease. So the scientists are looking at microglia cells and “dendritic spines”. Those are specific pathways how brain function gets affected. However, more importantly, and what is totally missing here is the cause of obesity in the first place. Once you eliminate the cause of one, the other should go away as well. But there would be no profit in that. They have to find and patent a molecule that will block this pathways and save humankind from this deadly disease while lining up the pockets of big pharma…

Reducing, or eliminating consumption of carbohydrates is too simple and can’t be patented. Instead, we are told that low carb diets are dangerous. However, there is no denying that low carb diets work against obesity, and furthermore, they work against Alzheimer’s. Dr Perlmutter, who is a specialist in this field, has been warning us about dangers of carbs for many years now, especially about grain and sugar. But who’s listening?

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