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First (recorded) case of Vegan Rage?

Warning – this may upset some people! Well, it can be thought of this way… The story of Cain and Abel, as told in Genesis book of the Bible, tells us that Cain killed Abel out of jealousy due to … Continue reading

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Surprise! Cows live on a high-fat diet…

This is something that blew mind! I have always been under the impression that herbivores, like cows, would derive their energy from carbohydrates. After all, grass is a carb, right? Well, it’s mostly cellulose and is indigestible by humans. Maybe … Continue reading

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Build your muscles for better overall health?

This video is a bit out-there, but it does make sense…

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One year with no carbs – my personal journey

I’ve now hit 12 months into this experiment of living without carbs. Well, almost without carbs as it is very hard to cut them out completely. I still allow myself some minimal amounts once or twice a week. For example, … Continue reading

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Does a keto diet work?

Again, there seems to be all-out media attack on a diet that people lived on before the advent of farming. Farming is generally accepted to be about 10,000 years old. Humanity, on the other hand, at least 300,000 depending on … Continue reading

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If A causes B, and B causes C, then…

It would be logical to take A and thoroughly investigate it since it looks like a culprit. But that is not what is happening in the scientific world. Take for example this latest news article linking obesity to Alzheimer’s. The … Continue reading

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Are wearables useful?

That depends for who – user, or the manufacturer (or associated owner/marketer/distributor etc). There are many variants of these devices on the market, from strap-ons to the more popular watches. There is no doubt that they offer a number of … Continue reading

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